Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Find All Palico Gadgets

This Monster Hunter World guide aims to show you how to find all Palico Gadget locations. Capcom’s action-adventure RPG is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will gain a PC version this Fall.

Firstly, Palicos, the cat creatures, have six Gadgets that they can get in the base game of Monster Hunter World as of the moment. Moreover, each Gadget offers something different in battle. YouTuber HarryNinetyFour has a video up showing how to get all six Palico Gadgets.

If you are looking for a written guide with timestamps that link up with the above video, no worries needed given that you’re covered below.

Vigorwasp Spray: All Palicos will start with this default Gadget, meaning that the Gadget is given to you automatically at the start. Video guide reveals Vigorwasp Spray at 0:00.

Flashfly Cage: You can unlock this Gadget in the first zone known as Ancient Forest. This calls for you to find the Bugtrappers, which can be found at the top of the Ancient Forest. Chase down the individual who runs from you to gain access to the gadget. Video guide reveals Flashfly Cage at 0:09.

Shieldspire: To obtain this Gadget you will need to go to the second zone known as Wildspire Wastes. You’ll need to find the Protectors, which happen to be located in small holes in the floor at the back of the map. Speak to them and complete their quest to find the lost protectors. Video guide reveals Shieldspire at 3:13.

Coral Orchestra: This Gadget can be found in the third zone named Coral Highlands. To unlock this Gadget you must find the Troupers and beat the Shamos they’re mounted on. Continue the objective and follow the scoutflies to the home of the Troupers to take up the quest to hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. Should you complete said quest it will grant you the fourth Palico Gadget. Video guide reveals Coral Orchestra at 6:43.

Plunderblade: The second to last Gadget can be found by waiting for the plunderers to spawn. Make way to zone 13 and go to the Researcher. After talking to him and hearing about the Ocodragon, wait for a Ocodragon to bring a Legiana to said cave. Furthermore, a Plunderer should appear, and will lead you to scoutflies. The Plunderer should run up a wall in which you should place raw meat on the floor to lure it out. Once the Plunderer comes down with its friends, talk to them and you should receive the Plunderblade. Video guide reveals Plunderblade at 10:01.

Meowlotov Cocktail: The last Gadget can only be unlocked after you have the other Gadgets and you have unlocked the Elder’s Recess zone. Talk to Researcher Lyrian in Astera and he will give you a mission to find ten Gajalaka tracks. Open your map and switch to “small monsters” and go to tougher areas to find them faster. After finding a Gajalaka you’ll find one or two tracks. Get ten tracks and talk to the Researcher, which he’ll give you another mission to visit the Elder’s Recess at night. Find the Researcher in said location so that you can get the mission to sneak through the camp to the leader at the end to receive the Meowlotov Cocktail Gadget. Video guide reveals Meowlotov Cocktail at 13:20.

And that’s it to this guide. More Palico Gadgets may appear as additional expansions appear.


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