Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Mount And Attack Enemies Efficiently

This guide hopefully will teach you the best ways to mount monsters more efficiently in Monster Hunter World. Capcom’s action-adventure RPG is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and will launch for PC this Fall.

Mounting enemies is nothing new in the realm of Monster Hunter and can be used to damage an enemy from above. Mounting an enemy can also stop deadly attacks from being carried out, if done right.

The catch to this maneuver is that the first mount will always have a 95% through 97% chance of working, while the second and third attempt decrease around 50% and lower.

Here are some of the following ways you can mount an enemy and deal damage to them:

  • Using the Glider Mantle
  • Jumping off a cliff and using your jump attack
  • Sliding down a hill and using your jump attack
  • Running up a wall and using your jump attack
  • Climbing up a wall and using your jump attack
  • Using the Wedge Beetle to perform a jump attack

There are probably more ways you can do said action, but you can get a visual look at places where you can perform mounts that don’t look like you can.

Leap Attack

Small platforms and ledges like in the above image that are circled can be used to perform a mount.

Wedge Beetle Attack

Wedge Beetles are perfect for doing this maneuver. You can spot where to use one upon looking for a glowing sphere/crack (seen within the circle).

Wall Run Attack

Walls or structures that resemble the environment piece circled in the above image can be used to perform a wall run into a mount.

Slide and Climb Attack

The last image reveals places to climb up and slide down to perform a mount. The slope is steep enough for a slide, while the straight structure is tall enough to jump from.

You can get another visual guide on how to mount enemies and deal more damage, except through a nice video guide by YouTuber Mtashed.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.


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