Motohiro Okubo Says That Soul Calibur VI Release Date Might Be Announced Soon

I know that this is an announcement of an announcement, but if you are eager to know when Soul Calibur VI official release date will be announced just know, according to Motohiro Okubo, that it might be coming soon.

At the Bandai Namco booth at a recent FGC tournament, there was a Soul Calibur VI stage event that featured Soul Calibur producer Motohiro Okubo. Okubo made some very interesting comments at the event, which publication site Famitsu recorded.

During the stage event that was recently held, the publication site noted Okubo saying that the detailed release date of Soul Calibur VI can not be released yet, but the site later noted that “a little more…” and that “In the near future, there may be an announcement on the release date.”

This is most interesting given that the team said that were are to soon see more characters that will make gamers and fans alike go “ah!”. Could it be that we might be treated to both the game’s official release date along with familiar characters on the same day? Time will surely tell.

Given that part of leaker DasVergenen‘s rumor about DLC being apart of Soul Calibur VI was right, especially with Bandai Namco later confirming the rumor, could it also mean that he might be right about Ivy, Taki and Siegfried showing up in Soul Calibur VI roster?

According to DasVergenen, characters that were rumored by him to show up included Kilik (confirmed), Xianghua (confirmed), Maxi, Siegfried, Nightmare (confirmed), Taki, Talim, Ivy, Cassandra, Astaroth, and Tira.

Given the leaker’s track record being a bit checkered, it should warrant a grain of salt when it comes to his predictions, but since he did predict Bandai Namco was cooking up this Soul Calibur game before it was announced, it does add some credibility to his track record.

So with that said, we should see more characters sometime in the near future and we might hear about an official release date soon.


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