MSI Hardware Will Be Featured In PC Building Simulator
PC Building Simulator MSI

The Irregular Corporation announced that they’ve partnered with the popular OEM, MSI. The branded components will appear in PC Building Simulator, including MSI’s GeForce GTX 10 and Radeon RX line of GPUs, along with the MSI brand of Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboards.

Ted Hung, VP of motherboard sales at MSI commented in the press release about the partnership, saying…

“We are proud to cooperate with The Irregular Corporation and believe with the MSI gaming products integrated in the game, we can make PC building more accessible and fun to beginners together,”

The whole point of the game is to help both casual and hardcore PC builders. For casuals it’s to demystify the whole meme that building your own custom PC is a costly and confusing venture (although given the crypto-craze, it’s not entirely wrong about the costly part), where-as for hardcore gamers it gives you an opportunity to play around with different builds and benchmark them via the in-game simulation before you go out and actually buy the hardware.

You can setup the tower, the GPU, SLI, Crossfire, RAM, CPU, and the motherboard. You can choose whether to use traditional fan cooling or liquid cooling, as well as benchmark the results once you have everything built to the specifications that you desire.

Some of the other brands included in PC Building Simulator are Cooler Master, Futuremark, EVGA, and NZXT.

PC Building Simulator is still a ways off from release, though. The game is currently undergoing development by Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation leading up to its Early Access debut set to take place on March 27th next month.

According to the FAQ on the Early Access page, they plan on keeping the game in development for an additional two or three months. You can learn more about PC Building Simulator by visiting the Steam store page.


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