Nintendo Switch’s Paid Network Goes Live September, 2018
Nintendo Switch Sales

Nintendo of America finally broke the silence by breaking the news about the premium Nintendo Network service, announcing that it would be going live this September for the Nintendo Switch.

The online service was originally announced last year during the early promotional goings of the Nintendo Switch’s global launch, but the premium online service kept getting delayed. At first it was due to go live during the fall of 2017, and then it was pushed back to early 2018, and now it’s due for release in fall of 2018.

I’m sure gamers enjoying the free online multiplayer for games like Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 and all the other games out there don’t mind that Nintendo is staving off the premium aspects of the service given that most normal people probably don’t want to put down coins into the coffers of Nintendo just to play online.

In fact, it was one of the few bright spots of the Wii U… being able to play online for free. That all changes for Nintendo Switch owners this fall.

Details on what the premium online service entails weren’t offered, but a lot of gamers have been asking for achievements, voice party chat, being able to use USB or wireless Bluetooth headsets without having to attach their smartphone, and other quality of life features such as group parties and improved friends list features.

The premium Nintendo Network service is expected to be available for $20 a year. We’ll see how well Nintendo keeps to that price point when it goes live this September. In the meantime, if there are games you want to play online via the Nintendo Switch, it’s best to play them now before you have to start paying to play online. As for those of you who are part of the Glorious PC Master Race, you get o sit back and chuckle at how all three console manufacturers make you pay to play online and give you shovelware each month to keep you silent.


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