Project Contingency, Halo-Inspired FPS January Update Details Anti-Cheats, Maps And Progress

Project Contingency is a fan made Halo game that once ran on the CryEngine and is now running on the Unreal Engine 4. The project in question is billed to bring everything that fans love about Halo and then some, to PC.

If you are wondering if this is legal, yes it is completely legal. Microsoft has guidelines for making projects like Project Contingency, which the team behind this fan project are following to ensure that fans will be able to play an alternate version of Halo on PC.

It is said by the devs that Project Contingency will be free and will always be 100% free with no strings attached.

As for assets, Project Contingency’s team have created their own assets from scratch. In other words, nothing was ripped or stolen from any sources to create the current state of Project Contingency.

Looking over to game modes, there are no plans for a Campaign mode just yet, but development of Multiplayer is in full force. It is said, though, that a story mode could be incorporated post-launch, but sights are currently on Multiplayer.

YouTuber Classyham has a quick rundown on Project Contingency, which sits below.

To sum up noteworthy points in the above video comes 20 levels in testing, but six of them could release during an early phase. Frame rate caps can be placed on the game, if players choose to do so. The option to unlock FPS can be done, however there’s no mention of support for 200 FPS plus yet.

Lastly, Project Contingency is simply a code name for this Halo PC project, the final name will be announced at a much later date. If you want to keep up with development on Project Contingency and the devs, you can either watch the third Q&A video below or hit up


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