Pure Farming 2018 Encourages Modding In New Video

Techland Publishing and Ice Flames’ Pure Farming 2018 will support mods; mods as you know, have gone a long way in helping keep Farming Simulator 17 fresh. The upcoming farming simulator game is currently slated to launch March 13th, 2018.

Mod support is an essential tool for a lot of games and extending replayability, insofar that one particular publisher/developer abuses it in such a way where they have their community members use NexusMods to fix up their games at launch and beyond.

The good news is that Techland Publishing and Ice Flames are taking note from Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 17 insofar that Pure Farming 2018 will bolster mod support.

One note, in particular, that Pure Farming 2018 should take from Farming Simulator 17 is console mod support that grants those on PS4 and Xbox One to use similar mods as PC players. You wouldn’t believe it but many gamers on console are still looking for mods and money cheats for Farming Simulator 17.

The good news is that Pure Farming 2018 will support mods for PC players, which is explained in a memo the team sent out:

“Here’s your first look at how modding will work in Pure Farming 2018 on PC. Get creative with your preferred 3D software and add your own tractors, harvesters, trailers, trucks and more to the game. Look out for more updates on our plans for modding tools after launch.”

You can check out the new video disclosing the aforementioned right here, courtesy of Pure Farming Game.

In Pure Farming 2018, mod support will not be the only new thing to grace the upcoming March title, but a plethora of state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage will also make the cut. In addition to this, places like Europe, Asia and North America will each have designated maps present in the title, with each region containing specific crops to cultivate like hemp, coffee beans, and olives.

If your curiosity is still pestering you about this game more information can be found over on purefarminggame.com or its Steam store page.


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