Rare Studio Head Talks Sea Of Thieves And Live Services, Microtransactions

Some new reports have surfaced that include Rare executive producer, Joe Neate, and his thoughts on Sea of Thieves and live services. Sea of Thieves is currently set to come out for PC and Xbox One on March 27th, 2018.

Sea of Thieves is a game by Rare and Microsoft Studios, and while we only have a month to go before it hits the gaming scene for gamers and folks to try out, will it feature loot-boxes and other live services?

According to publication site DSOG and Metro we learn about Rare studio head Joe Neate’s take on Sea of Thieves and said live services. For starters, the game will not launch with any loot-boxes or pay to win-like features.

Both sites posted Neate saying that…

“Our plans for launch is to deliver a good game experience, and so all our efforts are going to be on making sure everyone’s happy, we’re reacting to feedback if there are any issues, etc.”

After a month or two, Sea of Thieves see a form of microtransaction find its way into the game that’s supposedly not loot-boxes:

“But then, as we move into our service-based game – think about a month or two after launch – we’re thinking about our first major update that has new goals for people to achieve, new rewards and stuff.”

According to both publication sites, Rare does not want to split the “playerbase” and will supposedly offer most Sea of Thieves updates for free.

We learn more from Neate on live service features and what he thinks is the “right way” to add them in Sea of Thieves:

“But we have to have an optional way for people to spend money in our game, because we are running it as a service with a large team. So we looked at the right way to do this for Sea of Thieves. The people who love our game, have been playing it for ages, and are happy to spend money on things that they love and the hobby that they enjoy – what feels right for our game? So anything we add in this area won’t affect power, won’t affect progression. You’ll know what you’re getting, so you will be buying something specific.”

Lastly, what’s your thoughts on Sea of Thieves and its service model? Do you think that games should add in service models after launch or no?

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