Robocraft Royale Free Alpha Download Goes Live March 8th
Robocraft Royale

Freejam and GhostShark Games have teamed up together to announce that Robocraft Royale will be coming soon to PC. If the name didn’t give away what the game is going to be about I’ll simply lay it out for you: It’s a Battle Royale game where you craft your own robot and then attempt to survive against 99 other players in a deathmatch arena where the winner is the last robot standing… or flying. is reporting that Robocraft Royale will enter into its second major alpha test starting March 8th. [Correction update: Originally the article noted that the first major alpha test would start March 1st, but the developers have notified us that the second major alpha test will begin March 8th.]

According to the article GhostShark will be responsible for garnering feedback and optimizing the resource streaming and rendering systems. The game will be running on FreeJam’s very own custom made game engine designed to handle 100 players per shard.

If you’re curious what the game is like you can check out the trailer below.

In the video we get a good clean look at the 64 kilometer map and some of the robo-craft that you’ll be able to utilize to not only battle it out across the mountains, forests and cities, but also as a means of traversal, given that getting around is just as important as being able to throw hands… or rather, throw metal cubes attached to spring-coiled actuators.

Being completely honest here… the performance looks a little sketchy and the frame-rate isn’t the most stable. It is neat that they show in the video that you can swap vehicles during the middle of exploration, and some of the vehicles will obviously be better suited for combat than others, but the shaky frame-rate is something I just can’t shake. [Update: According to the developers you won’t be able to build robots during the actual matches but they will be adding more customization features later on in development.]

Of course, this makes a lot more sense why FreeJam would team up with GhostShark to improve optimization and rendering capabilities. Getting the frame-rate fine and stable is definitely going to be a necessary top priority if they want this game to have even the remotest chance of surviving as a Battle Royale game in today’s very stiff and very large market.

However, it is pretty cool that FreeJam is leveraging the popularity of Robocraft and crossing it over into the realm of Battle Royale. I imagine a bunch of people will be hovering around GnK Gaming’s tutorials hoping to one day use the combat mechs in the game.

You’ll be able to test your mettle against other players and their creations with the free alpha test for Robocraft Royale starting March 1st for PC. For more info feel free to visit the official Robocraft Royale website.


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