Rules Of Survival Adds New Map, Allows For Up To 300 Players To Fight For Survival
Rules of Survival

NetEase isn’t content with living in the shadow of PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They’ve decided to upgrade the experience by introducing a new 8×8 map that supports for up to 300 players to fight in a match simultaneously.

The update arrives as part of NetEase’s continued support for Rules of Survival after the game managed more than 100 million downloads after recently going live just earlier this year.

The concept of the game is still the same as ever: attempt to kill off all other opposing players before time runs out.

You’ll be on an ever-shrinking map where the area continues to condense down until only one player remains.

To help setup a more zen atmosphere, NetEase implemented a more relaxing starting island, where players can kick back on the beach, dance, or do a little karaoke on the stage while they wait for the match to start.

If you haven’t seen what the game looks like in action, or you want to get a glimpse of what the new 8×8 map is like, YouTuber 7WorldsGaming offers players a look at the map as well as some of the combat mechanics of Rules of Survival. Check it out below.

I have to be honest, the game does not have the best of graphics and the playability doesn’t look much different from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

However, the game hasn’t been overrun with cheaters just yet and it’s the new hotness on the block right now, so quite naturally a bunch of people are gravitating towards it before the hackers take over and then there’s going to be a campaign from the community about region locking China.

Then again, Rules of Survival was themed around luring in the Chinese audience first, so it may be a little tough trying to region lock the native audience this time around.

Anyway, you can check out Rules of Survival right now by visiting the official website.


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