Salt Beginner’s Walkthrough Guide
Salt Beginner's Guide

Lavaboots Studios’ Salt has recently graduated from Early Access and is now available in full on Steam for PC. The game is available right now for $19.99. For gamers looking for a basic beginner’s guide on how to get started and start with the basic crafting, survival elements and combat, there’s a beginner’s walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Z1 Gaming has a beginner’s guide available that covers some of the early goings of Salt. You can check out the video below.

How To Open Your Inventory

At the start of the game, after you choose the difficulty, you’ll start on an island. Head over the hill to your left once you wake up and talk to the mysterious man sitting on the crate.

Press ‘Tab’ to open your inventory; there’s a body on the ground and some crates nearby. Click on the crates and the body and then hold down Shift and click the left mouse button to take all the items. You can equip the sword and the armored gloves.

How To Get A Pickaxe

The mysterious man will give you a basic rundown of your situation and give you a crafting journal. He also left his pickaxe on the island. You’ll find the pickaxe further into the island on the ground by the tree. Additionally, there’s a mysterious rock on the starting island and you’ll earn some rare ore and some stone blocks.

Salt - Pickaxe

How To Repair Your Raft And Get Off The Island

You can repair your first raft in Salt by going over further left to find the raft. Interact with it to repair the raft. You can steer the raft using the makeshift paddle. You can gain momentum by lowering the flag on the pole.

You can stop moving by raising the flag.

Press F5 to quick save your game.

If you lose your raft you can recall it by opening your inventory and clicking on the raft in your inventory.

Use the raft to make your way over to the first island across from the starting island.

There’s a treehouse on the top of the hill on the first island you come to. Take the bow off the wall and the arrows. In order to open the first chest, you’ll need to kill three deers.

Place the bow in your hotbar and place the arrows in the combat inventory on the left side of the screen when you press Tab. When you activate the bow it will load the arrow into the bow.

You can also eat to replenish your health. You can eat some food without cooking it by clicking on it from your inventory.

These are the basic tenets of getting around the islands, getting around the world, engaging in combat, acquiring resources, scavenging for goods and slowly making your way further into Salt.

The game is available right now, fully out of Early Access and ripe for download over on the Steam store.


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