Secret Of Mana Is Now Available For PC, PS4 And PS Vita

Remember the classic adventure RPG Secret of Mana? Well, it seems that the game has been reimagined for the latest gaming platforms by Square Enix in 3D to pay homage to the original game on the SNES. This new version is made available to play right now across PC, PS4 and PS Vita.

The classic adventure RPG that released back in 1993 is now back and still features Randi, Primm and Popoi. The now 20 plus year old title sees the whole adventure done up in 3D.

If you plan to get Secret of Mana on PS4 it should be noted that you can now get a free theme that changes the background, sound effects, and home screen icons. The free Secret of Mana PS4 theme can be snagged by hitting up

Speaking of PlayStation, the official PlayStation YouTube channel released a new trailer showing the 3D version of Secret of Man. The two minute and five second long launch trailer can be looked over right here.

Looking past the PS4 version, folks will also have the option to pick up this new version of Secret of Mana across PS Vita and PC. If you are into bringing your games around and about with you the PS Vita version is the way to go, unless you enjoy playing games stationary on your PC or laptop through Steam.

As for the game’s recent reception, curious fans will find on the PlayStation store Secret of Mana has obtained a five star rating from 932 people as of this writing. Over on its PC counterpart via Steam reviews we can see the game bouncing between a “Mostly Positive” and “Mixed” rating.

Whatever your thoughts may be on this game you can further shape them by hitting up the links above and looking through what consumers have to say about the remake of this 16-bit classic. Lastly, Secret of Mana is out right now for PC via Steam, PS4 and PS Vita for $39.99.


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