Shenmu 3 Screenshots Show Ryo Ready To Beat People Into A Pulp
Shenmue 3

Ys Net released some striking new images of the main protagonist, Ryo, primed and ready to take down any and everyone in his path, whether it be a beautiful young maiden or an old crusty man.

The screenshots were posted up in a recent update over on Ys Net’s Shenmu III Kickstarter page. You can check out the first shot below, which features a wily-faced enemy in preparation to attack using the Mantis Stance.

Shenmu III

The next photo appears to show Ryo emotionless yet prepping for a killing blow against an unaware old man. Whatever the old man did to Ryo seems to have warranted a closed fist to the back of the noggin with facile effort. What will happen to the old man next doesn’t look good, but Ryo doesn’t really seem to care, which probably makes him one of the hardest men in video games today.

Shenmu III

My favorite screenshot of the group is one featuring Ryo with a bamboo stick, positioned and ready to execute deadly force against a perpetrator who committed some unknown act that warrants blunt force trauma to the back of her head.

Once again, Ryo seems inclined to administer justice while his foes are not looking, possibly as a means of exacting revenge for some heinous crime they committed earlier in the day? It’s tough to tell. However, unlike the screenshot with the old man, Ryo seems to be a lot more angry at the beautiful young woman.

Perhaps he messaged her on Twitter asking “Netflix & chill?” and she responded by citing a passage to him out of Jessica Bennett’s Feminist Fight Club about his “Manterrupter” ways, truly pissing him off. This likely setup their encounter later that afternoon on the bridge where Ryo decided to even the odds with a bamboo stick, likely thinking that it would do all the “manterrupting” for him.

Shenmu III

Finally, there’s a picture of a wide-eyed Chinese girl outside. It’s tough to tell exactly what’s going on here but she appears to be excited. I imagine it may have something to do with meeting someone special or receiving a gift.

Surely I wish that they could have zoomed out, because I’m quite positive Ryo may have been standing behind her with a large stone in hand and a face full of fury.

Shenmu III


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