Slasher’s Keep, Cel-Shaded Dungeon Crawler Enters Early Access On Steam
Slasher's Keep

There’s a new roguelike in the makings by Damian Schloter called Slasher’s Keep. The new game is in first person and focuses on dungeon crawling using melee attacks.

The game recently entered into Early Access, utilizing a comic book style, inked outline for its visual aesthetics, and a comical take on the loot-and-grind genre. You’ll hack, slash, and stab your way through a variety of corridors, mazes, dungeons and caves.

You can get a look at what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Okay so this game is really weird. Instead of it being like a traditional first-person shooter or first-person hack and slash title, it’s more akin to something made from the 1990s. There are 3D characters designed to look cel-shaded that are actually used as sprites in the game.

The old-school style lends itself to a methodical, slowed paced series of fights where you’re lobbing magic at the enemies, smashing them in the face with clubs, and cutting them into pieces with your sword.

As you progress through the procedurally generated dungeons, you can upgrade your magic abilities, learn new skills, and maximize the efficiency of your killing techniques.

It’s hard to think of a game that’s a direct comparison to this, but the Early Access version of the game has two playable characters and Damian Schloter has plans on adding more characters. There’s also a crafting system based around dragging and dropping in the ingredients so it’s easy to make new weapons and gear.

I imagine the art-style won’t be to everyone’s liking but I have to give props where props are due for Slasher’s Keep at least doing something different. Not many games try new things with the way they visually look even though it’s easier than ever to experiment with video game graphics.

Anyway, Schloter has plans on keeping the game in Early Access for five to seven months. There are plans to add new skills, weapons, rooms, and dungeon types.

You can pick up a copy of the game from the Steam store for about $13.99.


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