More Soul Calibur VI Characters To Be Revealed Soon, DLC Confirmed

Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo recently took up an interview regarding the fighting game’s mechanics, soon to be revealed characters in the roster and DLC. SoulCalibur VI is set to release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to an interview between Hong Kong SoulCalibur Big Association and Soul Calibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo, we learn some interesting stuff about the upcoming game.

Atwood Wong, a member of the HKSCBA, was fortunate enough to have an exclusive visit to Ebina Okubo during the Evo Japan 2018 event and asked Okubo five questions.

The following Q&A was translated from Chinese to English. The original and Chinese parts of the interview are translated by Michael Li, while the English part was assisted by Johny Lau’s translator.

You can read the interview regarding the five questions about Soul Calibur VI below:

Question 1: will SC6 change the original SC1-5 story & world setting?


Answer 1: First, in SC6 Mitsurugi and Sophitia have become young again, in terms of timeline we will be returning to SC1 & SC2. Reviewing the whole series, the origin, the tale of where Soul Edge separates from Soul Calibur haven’t been told in great detail, but that is where we think is most important and where we are confident (in telling a moving tale perhaps?) and we would like to tell this tale, and for that returning the timeline back to SC1 & SC2. You might think, hey doesn’t that make the story the same as SC1 & SC2? Well, how the destiny and fate of each character turns out, please play to find out after the game is released.

The first question was followed up by the second question, which had a bit of a hiccup regarding the translator and Okubo. You can read the second question and answer below.

Question 2: in previous games there were a lot of moves that required “just frame input”, would they be in SC6?


(* translator remark: for interview questions used in this footage, an interpreter present at the venue was consulted who did not accurately translate the term “just frame input”, which led to the producer not interpreting the intended question properly. Regarding the reply to just frame input we may have to wait till another time.)


Answer 2: “Just guard”, as you see, are in the game, and low attacks can be performed with the same command. “So what is it really like?” We get this comment a lot. It depends on how you use “just guard”, observing how it affects the opponent, there are a lot of detailed adjustments there, which we want players to explore. There is also “critical edge”, “reversal edge”, and a lot of moves that we have put in, these points are what makes SC6 special, so please check them out and have fun with them!

The third question happens to be about Grøh and his allegiance.

Question 3: the new character, Groh, is he good, or evil? Could you tell us about his story background?


Answer 3: this is actually a “critical” point in SC6, we can’t go into details yet, but he is a really important character (to the plot), and (there will be a part of the) lore with him at the center that will be unfolded, which is still a secret, sorry guys!

The interviewer followed up on Grøh and asked about other characters.

Question 4: apart from Groh do you have any info about other characters?


Answer 4: we can’t tell you just yet, I’m sorry. Well, we have many characters planned that will make the player go “ah!” This time we have announced another 4 characters, we will be announcing more characters eventually so please wait a bit longer.

Given that we have to wait “a bit longer” means that later this month or maybe in March we’ll see more characters in Soul Calibur VI roster drop.

The interviewer’s last question touched on DLC and if it will make it in Soul Calibur VI. Okubo’s answer lies below.

Question 5: DLC is popular with games lately, will SC6 use this form to update gameplay or to add content?


Answer 5: yes, we have scheduled to release dlc after official launch of the game. Right now we are still planning a lot for the game, well yes I personally think dlc would come in the most orthodox way, but it is still under development so please wait some more, sorry!

The answer by Okubo confirms leaker DasVergenen‘s rumor about DLC being apart of Soul Calibur VI. Sadly, Okubo did not specify if the DLC model is planned solely for characters or if it will stretch across balancing, costumes and other content?

What is for certain is that Soul Calibur VI will be present at Tokaigi 2018 starting on February 11th over at the Bandai Namco booth. You can read what’s to go down at said event thanks to Wonkey.

SoulCalibur VI is set to release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.