At Sundown, Stealth Deathmatch Game Receives Free Downloadable Demo
At Sundown

We don’t get demos of games all too often. A lot of times the excuse is that they’re too expensive to produce, so we just end up with a lot of gamers having to take a free cruise trip down the digital raging rivers in order to find out if a game is worth purchasing before spending money on it. Well, developer Mild Beast Games and publisher Versus Evil have announced that you don’t have to ride the raging rivers to get an idea of what the gameplay for At Sundown is like, thanks to a free demo being made available right now.

You can download the demo over on the Steam store page.

The demo may be for PC, but the full game will also launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on the Nintendo Switch starting this upcoming spring.

The demo for At Sundown only contains a small piece of the full version, including only four out of the 11 total weapons that will be in the game, and only access to two maps. The demo can also be played both online or offline via local multiplayer.

The concept of the game is that it’s a stealth-oriented deathmatch title. Other players can only see you when you fire. This means that the game is based around picking your shots and staying on the move. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

You’ll have a variety of stages to play across as well, each with their own gimmicks and hazards. As you can see, there are a number of different ways to get killed even if it’s not by another player. The subway stage, for instance, has speeding subway trains periodically making their way across the tracks, which can result in you getting murdered real good by the speeding transport, not unlike the train stage in 007: From Russia With Love from Electronic Arts.

Now obviously a game like At Sundown isn’t going to appeal to everyone, especially in today’s fractured market. There’s a diverse and multicultural cast of characters, so if you’ve been cutting those kind of games out of your library for sociopolitical reasons, you probably won’t like At Sundown. If, however, you’re one of those people who are okay with that sometimes controversial element, you can look to pick up a copy of At Sundown this spring for PC, PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch via digital distribution.


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