System Shock Remake Is On Hold To Reassess The Dev Team’s Path

The System Shock remake managed to pass the funding stage on Kickstarter back in June 2016; the remake is based on the classic sci-fi horror shooter from 1994. As it stands now Nightdive Studios CEO, Stephen Kick, disclosed that the remake of System Shock on hold to reassess the development team’s path.

The following information comes from the System Shock Kicktstarter update page that happens to be the 39th update on the site. According to Nightdive Studios CEO, Stephen Kick, the remake that was planned to be a remaster but turned into a remake and is no longer developed in Unity but in Unreal Engine 4, needs a team reassessment in regards to its path .

It is said the concept of the System Shock remake continued to grow, as did the scope of the game and the initial budget, and from here Kick noted that things got “out of control.”

Kick further explained that it has become clear to him that the team took the wrong path and turned their backs on the very people who made this possible: Kickstarter backers.

According to Kick and due to the current path the dev team is taking, he has put the team on hiatus while they reassess the path they’re taking so that they can return to their original vision.

Kick stresses multiple times that Nightdive Studios is taking a break, but not ending the project. Kick assures gamersthe team will be “back and stronger than ever,” but did not specify when.

According to the comment section of the Kickstarter update post, reactions seem to be split with some people for the hiatus and others against it.

There’s no telling how long this hiatus will take and if it will be somewhat quick or long, but what is for certain is that gamers, fans and backers will have to wait longer to see or even play the remake of System Shock.

You can learn more about the letter sent by Kick on System Shock remake’s progress by heading over to


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