The Papered House, PS1-Like Game Set To Hit Steam Q2 2018

During October 2017 an indie dev team announced The Papered House for PC via Steam. The horror-survival game rocking PS1 graphics was originally set to hit Steam during the fourth quarter of 2017, however the devs behind the game have a new release window scheduled.

Running on the Unreal Engine 4, the first-person survival game, The Papered House, has a new launch window that is now set for the second quarter of 2018 (April – June). This time frame will call for a longer wait time as opposed to its original Q4 2017 release, but at least fans of said indie project have something new to go by.

The above information comes from the indie team behind The Papered House, which can be seen on the game’s Twitter page.

This also stands to be heartwarming news to those following The Papered House given that the project is still alive. Sadly, though, the dev team still hasn’t posted up an official development name or website (besides Twitter) to stay up to date with The Papered House.

It was, however, explained on Twitter back on October 10th, 2017 that the dev team would post up an official website and YouTube channel soon. The main site and YouTube channel are said to play host to all gameplay videos and information regarding The Papered House, which are on hiatus right now.

Newcomers interested in how The Papered House looks will find the game in question rocking PSX-like graphics from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Older in-game screens showing the horror-survival game can be seen below to sate your curiosity.

Lastly, it is unclear at this point and time if The Papered House will launch on Steam or through Steam Early Access? It would be nice to see the game land on the former as a complete product, but there’s no telling if the latter is a more feasible option for the dev team.

You can learn more about the unnamed dev team and the horror-survival game by heading on over to the The Papered House Twitter page.


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