TT Isle Of Man First Gameplay Trailer Reveals March Release Window
TT Isle of Man

Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Racing Games released a new trailer for the upcoming TT Isle of Man, which not only showcases actual gameplay for the first time but also reveals that the release window for the game is set for March.

TT Isle of Man will make its way to the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Unlike other racing games out there the hook for Kylotonn’s title is that it’s extremely fast; fast like a blur. The video also features commentary from legendary Tourist Trophy specialist and the “Morecamble Missile” himself, John McGuinness. You can check out the video below.

It’s pretty impressive that they managed to to capture the sense of speed in the way that they have. It looks really fast, and almost like real life.

It’s nice that the developers decided to focus more on the intensity of the game’s speed rather rely on flashy graphics and pointless post-processing effects.

According to McGuinness, the track is accurate enough that professional motorcycle riders could actually use it as a way to practice ahead of the big race that takes place in real life.

I’m not entirely sure why the video says that it reveals the release date when that actually isn’t the case, but rather it’s just the release window. Anyway, at least we know that the game is set to arrive at some point in March.

TT Isle of Man will come with nine fantasy tracks, 23 riders and 40 official motorbikes, along with eight player support for online multiplayer. There’s also a career mode where you can unlock new bikes and attempt to compete in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy event.

The only thing left to see now is how well the game controls. While the sense of speed seems to be there, there’s still a question of whether or not the bikes handle as well as they look. Some gamers have great graphics while other games have great controls, so we’ll see if Kylotonn has managed to hit strides in both departments when the game finally releases next month.

Until then you can keep an eye on the game by hitting up the official website.


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