Twitch Giving Away Grants To Female Streamers To Close Gender Gap In Gaming
Twitch Grant

Twitch has teamed up with the 1,000 Dreams Fund as part of a program in honoring Women’s History Month with a Twitch BroadacstHER Grants, ranging from $500 to $2,000 for female live-streamers.

Tube Filter is reporting that the grants will be used to help cover travel expenses, educational conferences, hardware upgrades and instructional programs for the female streamers. According to the 1,000 Dreamers Fund page these grants will not be used for everyday survival purposes such as utility bills or food costs.

If you’re a female you can register before May 1st for an opportunity to be awarded a grant between $500 and $2,000. You’ll be notified by June 15th. Grants will be distributed by August 1st.

Grants are not recurring, but if you miss out during one semester you can register again the next semester for an opportunity to become a recipient of the grants.

I wonder if the grant will extend to trans streamers and what requirements will be put in place to acquire the grant? And will this apply to those who utilize certain assets to gain followings or just those that meet a certain kind of sociopolitical gender status in the realm of live-streaming?

Tina ‘ShadowFoxx086’ Degenhart is a streamer who feels that the grants will help in the betterment of female treatment within the game industry, mentioning in the press release…

“Many of the problems women face are because of lack of respect,” “The industry won’t understand how to treat women if we don’t show them how to treat women.”

I’m sure many female live-streamers on Twitch agree.

Andrew Schroeder, Twitch’s director of charity partnerships, also played up the gender equality spiel, making it known that it’s an ardent mission at Twitch…

“The event will elevate the importance of greater gender equity ​during Women’s History Month​ and is ​a wonderful opportunity for ​members of the Twitch community ​to engage with this issue.”

Typically when the Twitch community “engages” with an issue that Twitch moderation doesn’t like there are ban hammers and user muting that goes around. We’ll see how well they adapt to this new grant and whether or not the community will embrace it or see it as Twitch applying gender affirmative action within the live-stream space.

Given today’s caustic sociopolitical atmosphere, it will be interesting to see how the live-streamers respond and how the community treats those who are on the receiving end of said grants.


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