Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Gameplay

Fans of the original Rainbow Six games might find Rainbow Six Siege as a far cry from the base formula, but that hasn’t stopped it from selling like crazy. Ubisoft is attempting to further expand the game’s reach by bringing in a new concept that might seem “alien” to both original R6 and R6S fans.

Ubisoft has been taking Rainbow Six in different directions as the series progressed through the years, and this time around, as a special event that will be featured in Rainbow Six Siege from early March to early April, comes the Outbreak mode.

According to ubisoft.com we learn that a caustic outbreak occurred in a town in New Mexico, where a Soviet space capsule launched half a decade ago and has now re-entered Earth’s orbit and crashed in a junkyard.

A specially assembled team of Rainbow Six units must go in and prevent the contagious outbreak from spreading. However the free four week Rainbow Six Siege event, known as Outbreak, takes some pages from Left 4 Dead.

The Smasher abilities resembles that of Left 4 Dead’s Tank, so if you know how the latter operates be very cautious around the former.

Moreover, Grunts (trash-mob), Breachers (exploders), Rooters (teleporters), and Apex (disrupters) will appear alongside the Smasher in three maps such as the Resort, Hospital, and Junk Yard.

It is said that Rooters, Apex and Smashers will also make an appearance in events called “Moments”. These “Moments” are preset/dynamic events that trigger when certain conditions are met in one of the three stages.

As for playable operators in Outbreak, folks will be able to pick from the following in the screenshot below.

Two videos showing and revealing what’s at hand via operation Outbreak can be seen below thanks to Ubisoft and MathChief YouTube channels.

Whatever your thoughts may be on this upcoming free event, the truth behind it is that Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak will launch across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 5th and will end on April 3rd, 2018.


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