Vampyr Releases June 5th, 2018 For PC, PS4, Xbox One
Vampyr Release Date

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have dropped the official release date for Vampyr. After suffering through a rather major delay, the game is now due out for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting June 5th this spring.

The release date was revealed through the web series developer documentary that covered how the team has combined narrative structures with gameplay interactivity. The developers talk about staging scenes, giving gamers control over the characters, as well as what it means to convey a sense of cinematic qualities in a game while not completely removing control from the player.

You can check out the four minute dev doc below.

I don’t know if Dontnod is really on the level of comparing their efforts to creating connections between players that rivals that of theater or television when it comes to getting players immersed in a game. I mean, yeah Life Is Strange won a bunch of awards from the usual suspects but it wasn’t like playing that game really made you feel connected to the characters. It was pretty cringeworthy at times and aimed at teenagers who enjoy teenage drama.

Also most people would have a hard time remembering Remember Me despite its name.

I think for the most part if they really want to push for the whole immersive narrative bit they should wait until people get their hands on it and some sort of out-of-studio gamers can offer feedback on how they feel about the character narratives in Vampyr.

Anyway, we do get to see a bit more gameplay and talking. There isn’t too much there that really changes how most people will feel about the game. If you’re into the whole dialogue-wheel narrative dramas and RPG elements, then you might find Vampyr as a sci-fi-less fix for what Mass Effect: Andromeda was supposed to be last year.

You can look for the drama-driven action-RPG to go live just ahead of E3 this year starting June 5th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can learn more about Vampyr over on the official website.


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