Wartile, Viking Diorama Strategy Game Graduates From Early Access


Danish studio Playwood Project and Chinese publisher Whisper Games have announced that Wartile has officially graduated from Early Access on Steam. You can now purchase the game Wartile in full for $19.99. However, during the first week of its full launch, you can get the game for 25% off for only $14.99.

The Danish developers made it known that this is a game made by Danes for Danes. It’s all about being steeped in Viking history and culture, and the developers wanted to keep it alive for future generations with Wartile. As mentioned over on the Steam community page

“With today’s release, we are delighted with the result and hope everyone can now immerse themselves in WARTILE’s rich, Norse mythology-inspired narrative and awaken their inner Viking!


“Hopefully, this is just the beginning of something bigger as we would love to see the Wartile universe expanded with new fantastic stories, themes and realms.”

Playwood has been hard at work on the game during Early Access, overhauling a number of systems and gameplay features, many of which are on display in the launch trailer, which you can check out below.

The game combines a mixture of deckbuilding with turn-based role-playing. You’ll advance through the game by collecting cards to unleash special abilities and moves on your foes, while moving your pieces across a hexagonal diorama of various maps based on locations visited by the Vikings.

The game combines both elements of historical accuracy with Norse lore. You’ll also be able to upgrade your equipment and give your specialty units certain armor and weapon upgrades to use during battle.

As showcased in the trailer, the combat plays out very similar to turn-based strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea.

Wartile - Church on a Hill

Some of the new content they’ve added to the game includes the ability to rename figurines, adding additional polish to the UI, and even outsourcing some of the localization to the fan communities for those who don’t speak English will be able to play in their native languages.

You can learn more about Wartile or pick up a digital copy by visiting the Steam store page.

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