Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Brings American Folklore To Life Feb 28th
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Serenity Forge, Dim Bulb Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming story-based title, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. The trailer arrives along with the official release date for the game, which is set to drop on PC starting February 28th.

The trailer doesn’t really say much about the game, but it is set during the frontier times in the late 19th or early 20th century America.

Visually the game has an old pulp graphic-novel design with what appears to be main characters themed after animals.

You can check out the trailer below.

It’s supposed to be a narrative driven story, and the trailer is themed around American folklore. Based on the short minute long promo most would glean that it’s a Faustian-style tale where a man bets all that he has and has nothing else left to bet but his freedom.

There are some really interesting cross-sections between classic Americana iconography and astrological imagery.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - Swallow's Fate

The game is about traveling West; along your route you’ll encounter people who will tempt fate and test destiny by the threads of luck and an ounce of bartered freedom.

Making heads or tales of the actual gameplay is a little difficult, but there’s an overworld where you travel with a sack across the great plains in the form of a skeleton. You’ll meet fellow travelers along the way, where the shape of the narrative takes form.

There are some really interesting uses of shaders and a mix of hand-drawn art imposed over 3D assets, and it’s accompanied by classic country folk music, which is highlighted in the trailer below.

I can’t say this is a game that strikes my fancy as a game player, but it’s definitely a visually interesting title with a unique premise that we don’t see often. It’s a shame that we only get games that take these kind of risks in the indie sector, but it’s better something than nothing.

You can look for Where The Water Tastes Like Wine to land on PC starting February 28th at the end of the month.


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