A Way Out Goes Gold For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Launches March 23rd
A Way Out

The mad-mouthed film director turned game director, Josef Fares, decided to update gamers on a huge piece of news regarding his cooperation action-thriller, A Way Out… the game has gone gold. This means all principal development has been finished and the game is ready to ship.

French gaming site GameBlog.fr picked up the news from a tweet that Fares made on February 26th, 2018 this past week, where he informed the gaming community about how excited he was that the game has officially gone gold.

The game is a co-op only affair. It features two criminals who are in prison for two different reasons but they have plans on breaking out to deal with some family issues. Players will each take on the role of one of the main characters, either in local split-screen play or via online co-op.

Now unlike a lot of other games out there, this game was designed from the ground up to be a cooperative experience.

You’ll have to work with another player to scale walls, beat up guards, engage in chase sequences, get into high risk shootouts and ultimately attempt to avoid getting caught or killed. The game is kind of designed to be an homage to all those awesome buddy-up flicks from the 1980s, like 48 Hours and Red Heat.

If you forgot what A Way Out looks like you can check out the trailer below for a little bit of a refresher on what Josef Fares and the rest of Hazelight have in store for gamers come March 23rd.

A Way Out reminds me of Kane & Lynch meets Eidos’ Reservoir Dogs (which actually was a pretty cool game). It’s a shame that most people are concerned with the director’s antics more than they are the game itself.

Fares is probably going to be best known these days to the average core gamer for dropping F-bombs during The Game Awards where he completely tore the Oscars a new butthole that wasn’t already filled with the dildos shaped like children faces that Harvey Weinstein bought for all his producer buddies.

Anyway, A Way Outis due to drop for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting March 23rd. It’s one of the big games on a short list of titles I’m actually looking forward to playing this year.


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