Weekly Famitsu Details Code Vein’s Multiplayer Distress Signal Feature

Bandai Namco is looking to release Code Vein across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Slated to launch this year, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu details Code Vein’s multiplayer distress signal and communication feature.

Code Vein is shaping up to bring fans hack-and-slash fun, but if you’re a newbie and you find yourself getting stuck in a segment over and over again due to its difficult, there might be a way to get some help.

While hard or difficult titles can be praised much like Cuphead or the Souls series of games, it seems that folks who happen to be online while playing Code Vein will be able to call for help.

Thanks to ryokutya2089.com we learn a bit more about Code Vein’s multiplayer distress signal and communication feature that was detailed in the latest Weekly Famitsu issue.


When crawling through a dungeon you can do so with another player. This can be done upon sending out a distress signal, which calls for a player that meets certain conditions to come to your aid.

According to the site the player taking on the “rescue” role appears alone, but can travel with you and your NPC as a party character. Additionally, your NPC partner’s Gift effects will have an affect on the rescue player.


I’m not sure if this feature will see some changes at launch, but the site states that you can create emotions that can be combined with gestures, stamps, and voices. Once you are done with your emotions you can save them.

It is also noted that you can use your emotions for later use to quickly convey or communicate to another player.

You can read more about Code Vein’s multiplayer distress signal and communication feature by hitting up the given link above. The game is gearing up to release for public consumption, and it’s due out sometime in 2018, you can look forward to Code Vein to drop across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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