3030 Deathwar Redux: A Space Odyssey Updated With Mod Support

3030 Deathwar Redux

Bird In Sky and Crunchy Leaf Games announced that there’s a special promotion going on for 3030 Deathwar Redux: A Space Odyssey in celebration of the latest major update for the game, which adds mod support.

It’s rare that developers go back and update a year-old game, but Bird In Sky decided to do just that for their point-and-click sci-fi game. In fact, it’s rare for point-and-click adventure games to receive post-launch updates that aren’t standard fare fixes and tweaks. But in the case of 3030 Deathwar Redux, it happened.

The changelog was rolled out over on the Steam community page where it was announced that a mod uploader has been implemented into the game. The update is free for all the current and future owners of the game. As mentioned by the developers…

“Players can easily add new ships, weapons and upgrades, translate the text files to another language, or even write personal side-quests and storylines for other players to explore. With a new Modding Manager and Mod Uploader tool for Steam Workshop, the possibilities are endless!”

It’s not often that adventure games get the modding treatment, but in this case it did. I’m not really sure what modders might do with the game, but it could very well be improved, everything from the cinematics to the dialogue to what the characters are wearing, to what the characters do. As they mention… the sky is the limit and the possibilities really are endless.

As mentioned at the top of the article, the game is also currently discounted up until March 22nd, with a 34% off price cut, bringing the normal $14.99 price tag down to $9.89.

The game combines top down space-arcade action with traditional comedy-themed sci-fi adventuring. If you’re into those sort of games you can learn more about the modding process and the gameplay content by checking out the Steam store page.