#30GifsOfLightFall And Really, Is There Anything The Shadow Core Can’t Do?
Light Fall

For frankly over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen it block lasers, charged, summoned, propel boats and show-off. Look.

With Light Fall barely a month from release across the Steam (PC/Mac), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 digital storefronts, Bishop Games is channeling a serious knack for showboating in a series of illustrative GIF’s across the social-web.

And for good reason. The mythological premise of a Forgotten World, mysterious pasts and lurking danger aside, Light Fall’s USP lies in the fact that it places the platforms to its sides-scroller in your hands.

In fact so much does it want you to leave behind any pre-conceived notions of what a 2D platformer should be, that it comes with its own movable platform à la the Shadow Core; a magical in-game artifact prototypical of the versatility it encourages in play style.

Three years has indeed been a long span of time, considering that the independent batch of Bishop Games has battled phases of self-doubt, a loss of direction/scope, yet persevered through console-port negotiations, event appearances and accolades despite.


Through it all the Shadow Core has been touted for its ingenuity, both by the team and players of its various builds alike. For those of us who fall within neither, #30GifsOfLightFall is an invitation to fathom its possibilities.

As for the status quo? The game was last seen at PAX South, its sounds are near brushed up, Paddlewood’s Lore Journal is shaping up nicely, all while a class of the game’s Kickstarter backers continue to enjoy early access.

The Journal, my fetish for hand-crafted physical additions to game releases notwithstanding, being a digital/hardcover prelude to what is frankly Light Fall’s vastly gorgeous universe of silhouetted visuals.

Experience #30GifsOfLightFall on either of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Is the game anywhere near wish list material yet? Why/why not?


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