Amid Evil, Single-Player Retro 3D FPS Enters Early Access
Amid Evil

Indie developer Indefatigable is hoping to prove that they won’t get fatigued while developing their latest game, Amid Evil, which has just recently entered into Early Access. The retro-style FPS takes a little bit of inspiration from classics like Hexen and Heretic and combines it with break-neck speed, 3D arena-style gameplay.

The full game will feature seven different episodes, each with their own motifs, weapons and enemies. The first episode focuses on future-magic, where players race through levels, blasting down low-poly enemies along the way while collecting and utilizing a wide variety of ancient and mythical weapons for which enemies must be dispensed.

If the gameplay looks similar to DUSK or Return of the Triad, it’s because the same producers from those games have worked on Amid Evil. Publisher New Blood Interactive is publishing the title, adding it to their other retro-themed games such as DUSK and the pixelated beat-’em-up game, Tonight We Riot.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for Amid Evil below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

To be honest, I’m a little torn. It’s tough to get a feel for what the gameplay is like from the trailer, but upon first glance you likely wouldn’t have expected it to be an Unreal Engine 4-powered title due to how fast it moves and how fluid the combat is. As many of you know, most Unreal Engine 4 games plod along and have a tough time emulating the sort of gameplay from the earlier id Tech and Build game engines. However, here Amid Evil looks and plays like it comes out of 1996.

Of course, the issue I have is that we don’t really get to see much of the stage design or how enemy AI engages with the player based on that trailer alone.

However, the store page does say that enemy AI will hound down and sniff out players across land, sea and air. The game has also been optimized to make use of these features across even the most low-end of PCs, so neither the graphics nor the under-the-hood operations will slow down gamers’ PCs.

They plan on keeping Amid Evil in Early Access until they complete all seven episodes. They mention that they will likely add one new episode each month, so the game should be graduating from Early Access at some point in the fall.

You can pick up a digital copy of Amid Evil by visiting the Steam store page.


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