Ash Of Gods, Non-Linear Tactical RPG Now Available on GOG, Steam
Ash of the Gods

Russian developer Aurumdust announced that their tactical turn-based role-playing game, Ash of Gods: Redemption, is currently available for $24.99 on the Steam store and on A special digital deluxe edition is also available for $34.99 that comes with the original soundtrack, a 60-page digital art book, a print-ready A2 digital poster, a couple of HQ desktop wallpapers, a digital comic book and a map of the Terminium.

Aurumdust took a lot of inspiration from Soviet-era animations, along with focusing some of the animation and design techniques around Ralph Bakshi’s roto-scoping techniques, especially those found in his 1978 flick The Lord of the Rings.

In Ash of Gods: Redemption, players take on the role of a group of heroes who travel the land in hopes of saving it from the reaping.

The developers describe the story as a “rogue-like” narrative. The reason for this is because the main player-characters can die. The narrative unfolds in a non-linear way depending on the choices the player makes and who survives until the end.

The gameplay is inspired by Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga trilogy, taking place across square grids using turn-based mechanics. Damage suffered in battle will carry over, just the same as a character dying in battle will affect the story and they will stay dead, permanently.

This is similar to the permadeath feature in The Banner Saga, where main characters and side-characters can die in battle and stay dead.

The game doesn’t use the typical D&D rules of hit/miss roll dice in combat. If a character attacks, the blow lands.

The AI will attempt to dynamically adjust to the player’s strategies and tactics in order to provide an ever-changing landscape of challenges.

The game also sports a PvP mode for those of you interested in testing your might against friends and foes alike.

You can learn more about Ash of Gods: Redemption by visiting the official website, or you can pick up a digital copy from Steam or The game is also scheduled to launch later on for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well.


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