Avengers: Infinity War Second Trailer Shows Hulkbuster Getting Destroyed, Captain America Vs Thanos
Infinity War

If you were curious how well Steve Rogers can handle Thanos in a one-on-one fight, you’ll get to see it in Avengers: Infinity War.

The newest trailer showcases Captain America, unmasked and angered-up taking on the giant purple dildo on steroids and pawn-shop gold. Scale wise, Thanos is huge, so big in fact that the Captain can only fit both of his hands around one of Thanos’ fingers each.

We also finally get the general plot for the film: Thanos is coming to Earth to take the Infinity Stones from Dr. Strange and from Vision. Thanos wants to destroy half the universe for inexplicable reasons, but he’s a bad guy and I guess we just have to roll with it.

Tony Stark wants to use the stones as a lure to bring Thanos into a trap, where they’ll attempt to corner and clobber-stomp Thanos. Obviously, the plan doesn’t work, and Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy also lets Tony know face-to-face that the plan “sucks”. Given that the Hulkbuster armor gets decimated by the poverty-stricken versions of the Demagorgons and Iron Man ends up with half his armor ripped off, it’s safe to say that Stark’s plan really did suck, because it obviously failed.

However, it’s not all a bust. It appears Thor makes his way back to Earth along with the Guardians, and Thor also manages to get his head squeezed in by Thanos. I doubt they’ll go Mortal Kombat on the audience have Thanos squeeze the brain matter out of Thor’s head like the pulp coming out of a grape between sharp teeth, but it really would be a sight to behold, no?

Anyway, it looks like Captain America’s low-rent Wakandian gear doesn’t hold up well in battle, and he seems to have Bucky back on the team but in a seemingly fractured state, along with a beauty-crisis version of Black Widow.

Avengers Infinity War - Iron Man

In a way, it almost feels like a halfway-off-their-game assembly of the Avengers, and not the rocking-sock’em version of the crew that was whipping metal hide and keeping the world safe when Ultron was terrorizing Slovokia.

The trailer is put together quite well, and for the first time in a long time Marvel seems to be relying on the Avengers leitmotif to help shape the scale of the film. It’s such a shame they just didn’t have a better theme song for the Avengers films, because while it shows elements of promise it’s such a lazy theme song.

Regardless of the presentation and the plot finally being outlined, if you’re interested in seeing Avengers: Infinity War in theaters, you can do so starting April 27th.


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