Bombslinger, Action-Maze Game Launches April 11th For Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam

Mode4 Games announced that Bombslinger is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC come April 11th. The game is a mixture of top-down maze exploration and Bomberman-style gameplay.

Players will navigate through various levels set during the Wild West, playing a number of different high-impact, manly characters as they blow the crap out of everything in their path.

The gameplay is just like the typical high-impact Bomberman PvP gameplay, where players must strategically place down bombs in order to blow up their opponents along horizontal or vertical lines. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

There’s a full-on single player mode where you blast through the adventure and unravel the story, which features character progression and procedurally generated levels. The story follows the Bombslinger, a bandit who eventually gave up the life of crime to raise a family as a rancher. However, his evil brother, the Gunslinger, murders his wife and destroys his farm. Players will embark on a journey of explosive revenge as the Bombslinger will attempt to track down his brother and make him pay. It’s a classic manly-man tale that doesn’t skirt around the issues like a lot of newer AAA titles.

If you’re more-so interested in the competitive aspects, you can dive into the four-player battle modes, where multiple players will attempt to blow each other to smithereens across a variety of Wild West-themed levels.

At the moment Bombslinger is in Early Access on Steam. The team have been working on refining the multiplayer mode and gathering a lot of feedback from the PC gaming community ahead of the game’s launch on home consoles. What the Steam community have not had access to yet is the single-player adventure mode, but the game will graduate come April 11th next month and everyone will be able to play all of the modes.

For more information on the game you can visit the official website.


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