Borderlands 3 Release Will Be Close To Its Announcement

Randy Pitchford, CEO and president of Gearbox, recently made an appearance on Nerdvana and talked briefly about Borderlands 3 and how its announcement will be followed by a release that won’t take a year or two. Pitchford also touched on making games for the Nintendo Switch.

On the latest stream of Nerdvana episode 11 around the 46:42 mark, Pitchford was asked about Borderlands 3 and if the company would make games for the Switch, he replied to both queries while trying to be informative and not give too much away.

Pitchford made mention when answering the first query that a game doesn’t exist until it’s announced, however he claims that there’s no secret that a “whole lot of people” are working on “a lot of great things in the Borderlands franchise.”

Pitchford also claims that he’s excited to share some stuff about Borderlands 3, but he can’t because that moment isn’t here just yet. As soon as the moment appears, fans will be treated to a slew of news.

During the talk, it was made apparent that Pitchford and crew are learning not just from the games industry but the market as a whole, saying that things “move very fast” and that it’s best to stay silent and not to make promises you can’t keep.

He also touched on not building up hype too early with the next Borderlands game, and that it’s best to deliver a title or product right after its announced and not a year or two years later.

In addition to the above, Pitchford means that if something is announced it should come out like six months or so to keep fans appeased. This is further backed up by him saying we’re in a world where people “want less and less lead time” when something is announced, however there will be a small lead time but not a year or two year lead time with Borderlands 3.

Looking over to the second query, Pitchford claims he loves the Switch, but made many statements and remarks as if to say things are up in the air if more games will come to said platform by Gearbox. There are games on Gearbox’s publishing side that will hit the Switch, but it’s unclear how many games from the development side will release for Switch.

Lastly, Borderlands 3 is referred to by Pitchford as art and how it’s in a state that can change and morph. Although some of the features will supposedly have him gushing when announced, Pitchford and crew want to deliver on promises that they can meet and keep.

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