Brutal Inventions Attempts To Combine Survival Simulation With Tower Defense Gameplay
Brutal Inventions

Turkish game developer Cankut Keskin has a new game that has landed on Steam’s Early Access called Brutal Inventions. It’s supposed to be the marriage of survival simulation, real-time hack-and-slash combat, and tower defense gameplay all rolled up into one giant, sandbox experience.

Like every other basic survival sim out there, you can gather supplies and resources, craft more than 240 different items, build a house, and develop a village by spawning in NPCs. Unfortunately you can’t take in slaves like in Conan: Exiles, which allows you to not only have a stable of male slaves to do your bidding but you can also have a harem to keep you company.

Instead, the NPC underlings in Brutal Inventions can fight for you as part of the game’s tower defense mechanic. Essentially you’ll have to fend off your belongings and village from NPC interlopers, and if you aren’t right proper in your defensive tactics, they can take you out along with your little brothel of female servants.

You can see the gameplay in action for yourself, and behold a lot of janky animations and clunky combat.

Basically you go around collecting gear and killing people with the spastic combat that seems to accurately simulate the state of being an epileptic in a perpetual seizure while being held together with steel rods for bones.

You’ll take the items you steal off of others, craft new gear, make yourself strong and muscly, grow some NPC hoes, and defend your territory like the alpha male were always digitally programmed to become.

The game features various seasons and environmental challenges to overcome, and the developers plan on adding in a MOBA-style PvP mode for up to eight players. I have no idea how that mode is going to work, but it’s in the planning stage right now.

The Early Access version of the game is live over on the Steam store. Version 1.0 is scheduled to release during the third quarter of 2019 next year.


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