Cargo Trailer Sees Martin Freeman Trying To Save A Baby From Zombies
Cargo - Martin Freeman

Umbrella Entertainment decided to hop into the zombie genre, because with a name like Umbrella how could they not hop into the zombie genre? Their upcoming flick is called Cargo, and it stars Martin Freeman from Black Panther and the BBC’s Sherlock as a desperate father trying to secure the existence of his child and a future for the baby during an uncertain present.

The film is set in the Australian outback at some undefined point in the future where a plague has turned people into zombies. In the film, Freeman’s wife is bitten, giving her 48 hours to live before she turns into a zombie.

Unlike other zombie flicks, Cargo attempts to play it straight. Freeman’s character isn’t a super hero or the √úbermensch. He’s just a guy, doing what he can to survive. Things turn sour when his zombified wife takes a bite out of his arm, ruining the future for their child. Freeman then has 48 hours to try to find a loving, non-cuckolded family to take care of his child before he turns into a zombie. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

Along the journey there are various characters he meets while attempting to find some place safe for his daughter.

He comes across a seemingly normal couple who hasn’t devolved or engaged in degeneracy, and the movie attempts to portray him as handing off his baby to the couple.

This is one of those trailers where it appears to give away about two-thirds of the whole film, leaving audiences only enough runtime to mete out enjoyment for the final climatic sequence, whatever it may be. We do get to see a couple of sequences where it looks like some zombies attack, so it’s not entirely just a drama-filled sob story.

The diversity levels seem fairly tame, and so long as the SJW messaging isn’t there in full force then it might end up being a halfway okay film.

Cargo is due for release on May 17th.


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