Castle Of Heart, Gothic Platformer Now Available Exclusively For Nintendo Switch
Castle of Heart

7Levels announced that Castle of Heart is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The side-scrolling, platforming, hack-and-slash game is about a knight who must save his beloved from a wicked sorcerer.

Castle of Heart is based on Slavic mythology, and features a knight who is cursed with petrification. As his body turns to stone he must venture through 20 different levels across four different environments in order to reach the castle and free his beloved.

The journey will be hard and arduous for the knight, but with perseverance and dedication, the knight will attempt to win back the love of the one he lost and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all.

I hate to say it but the game really does feel like a side-scrolling Dark Souls. It’s a punishing game where every single one of the decisions you make could be your last.

The knight – being made of stone – falls apart rather frequently. You will have to use some tactical combat prowess to overcome the odds, dodge the traps and avoid being turned into ground dust.

The game also has a dark Gothic art-style, where the visuals are conspicuously similar to the likes of From Software’s game. I know a lot of game journos are keen to call everything Dark Souls these days, but it’s not hard to see the similarities when you boot up that trailer.

Obviously, the big difference is that the camera view is positioned for a side-scrolling platformer, and there are a lot more jumps, platforming puzzles, and traps to endure in Castle of Heart. It’s not quite like Castlevania, and certainly no where near as floaty or lighthearted as old-school 16-bit platformers, but you definitely get a mix of the precision platforming from older games but with the more hardcore, hack-and-slash vibes from more recent titles like Knights Contract.

Castle of Heart features seven hours of gameplay and boss fights for each location. You can pick up a digital copy of the game for $14.99 from over on the Nintendo eShop.


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