Cobra Kai YouTube Show Is The Series American Men Desperately Need
Cobra Kai

In an age where Liberal and Conservative men are taught to be whiny, screeching, offense-driven pansies, it’s good to see that sometimes the media industry finally does something right and produces a show that teaches men how to be real men. The upcoming YouTube Red show, Cobra Kai, is that show.

It takes place 34 years after the events of the original Karate Kid movie. It follows Ralph Macchio as Danny LaRusso and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, maintaining their rivalry for three decades after Lawrence lost to LaRusso in a karate tournament.

The series sees Lawrence down and out, living poorly and being a drunken mess for the most part. However, one day Lawrence sees a kid getting bullied by some broken-home boys and decides to intervene, beating the crap out of some fatherless thugs who are conspicuously diversified. Nevertheless, Lawrence rekindles his inner manhood and decides to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo, teaching beta males and other low-self esteem kids how to get strong, get tough, and become great again.

The trailer practically gives most of the plot away, and I doubt you’ll actually have to watch the full series to get the gist of it – not to mention most people really shouldn’t be given YouTube or Google any money at all – but it does highlight the necessity that men need to get strong again.

They need to take control of the households, beat the crap out of local thugs, and straighten up society.

Under the leadership of Liberal-led media over the last decade, we’ve seen how the deconstruction of masculinity (and households) has resulted in a generation of soy-fed beta males who are poor in both physical and intellectual constitution.

While the Right claims to take the higher ground during the culture war, in reality all they’re really doing is fueling contention and establishing little more for their platform than finger-pointing at the Left.

In reality, the Right has only managed to weaponize those who have been ousted or castigated by the SJW hegemony on the Left. However, the Right has done nothing to actually improve, encourage, fund or enforce the well being of masculinity and proper manhood in America.

A show like Cobra Kai reflects on a man’s true mission of being strong and staying strong. The show depicts how Lawrence lost his edge for decades when he wussied out let himself get weak; he became a punching bag for the trepidations of life. The show taps into the primal urge to shed off the fragile skin of weakness and to kindle the fires of ambition through the mental fortitude of seeking peace through strength.

The show depicts Lawrence going through the epiphany of recognizing that he needs to get strong and stay strong. This is where he finds his proper purpose and his true path in life.

We recognize that someone like Lawrence is needed in today’s society where so many young men are lost, wayward, fragile, and complete lightweights in the fight of life. They’re being taught that their natural biological tendencies are “toxic”, and that getting strong and staying strong is part of some cult-driven conspiracy to oppress “marginalized” people through the protected echelons of the patriarchy.

The reality is that the Left’s war on masculinity is nothing more than a war on America. When men are no longer men, when boys are taught to be weak, and when masculinity is being pushed into the realm of being taboo, then you know that your country is treading in the footsteps that lead toward the cliffs of despair, where the final outcome metes nothing but ruination and destruction.

Anyway, I’m shocked that YouTube Red would even allow a show like Cobra Kai on its network; but if it helps reinvigorate the masculine spirit of America, then it’s doing right by the future generations of men everywhere. Hopefully it will help instill some hope, some bravery, some confidence, and the spirit of true justice back into the hearts of our society’s youth.


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