Code Of Princess EX, Fan-Service Brawler HD Remake Coming To Nintendo Switch

Code of Princess EX

Nicalis announced that the Nintendo 3DS brawler, Code of Princess, is making a return to form as an HD re-release for the Nintendo Switch this summer. The game has received an “EX” upgrade, making it Code of Princess EX.

The 3D side-scroller features completely overhauled characters, no longer are they barely visible sprites, but they are fully rendered 3D models with high definition textures. So now you can clearly make out the Princess’ ample assets and eye-catching cleavage, as evident with the upgrade menu below.

Code of Princess EX - Upgrades

Of course, if you’re squeamish around mammaries that aren’t as locked up and covered up as the gold in Fort Knox, it’s a-okay… there are 49 other characters you can play in the game, meaning there’s going to be at least one character for every kind of gamer out there, including beta orbiters and soy boys.

The action-brawler also features upgrades and stat stacking, just like many other action-RPGs out there. The main campaign will center around Princess Solange attempting to save her kingdom from the monsters attempting to destroy the human race. As Solange, you’ll recruit brave warriors from around the world while also battling against the monstrous forces using her special sword, DeLuxcalibur.

You can check out the gameplay for Code of Princess EX below to see the upgrades that Nicalis has made from the 3DS version to the Nintendo Switch version.

In addition to unlocking new warriors, mastering new moves, and upgrading the characters, there’s also a co-op mode included, where you can play through the campaign, free-play and bonus quests in local multiplayer.

There are plans to have the game ripe and ready for release this summer for the Nintendo Switch, along with a retail version that’s due out alongside the digital release.

Hopefully feminists won’t catch wind of the game, otherwise they might launch a coordinated campaign to get the game removed from shelves.