Dark Future: Blood Red States Video Reveals Real-Time Strategy Vehicular Combat Gameplay
Dark Future Blood Red States

Auroch Digital and Games Workshop announced that Dark Future: Blood Red States is on the way. The developers released some early alpha access gameplay of Dark Future: Blood Red States.

The near four minute video showcases an early look at the design mechanics for Auroch’s upcoming title. The game features a tactical vehicular combat. You can chase down enemies with your customized car and utilize an almost pause-like mechanic where time crawls to a near halt, and you can plot out what sort of tactical maneuvers you can execute, what sort of attacks you can unleash, and what sort of skills you can utilize, ranging from decisive u-turns to ram boosting an enemy, to having your teammates form up on your position.

Dark Future Blood Red States - Game Menu

In the video we see that players can select what sort of weapons they want to use as well as where they plan to fire them.

The commands can be doled out to the selected vehicle almost like a real-time strategy game. Now if you’re thinking that this setup seems to favor squads and gangs, you’re not half wrong, ace. Dark Future: Blood Red States takes place in a futuristic, dystopian America where gangs ravage the innocent and only highway warriors for hire are capable of keeping the peace.

You’ll be able to command a squad of heavily armed vehicles as you take on dangerous missions from dubious dudes. You’ll need to strategically plot out how you and your crew handle combat on the road, or risk being turned into wayside scrap metal.

You can watch how your strategic plotting plays out in real-time after using the time-dilation to setup your attacks.

Now keep in mind that as mentioned in the video, the graphical user interface is completely placeholder right now.

As explained in the video, Dark Future doesn’t allow you to manually drive the cars. Instead of trying to focus on taking turns and maintaining a certain speed while battling against foes, you’ll issue commands to the AI vehicles and they will serve you as instructed. You’ll attempt to build out a squad of combat-ready cars, assigning them heavy weaponry and honing in your utilization of smart tactical gunplay and team dynamics. However, Dark Future is a rogue-like and if any of your team dies… they stay dead.

If any of your teammates die, you can hire more mercenaries to join up with you.

Dark Future: Blood Red States is currently slated for a 2018 release. The game is quite unlike anything else out there right now, so it’s probably worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy post-apocalyptic games, real-time strategy games, and vehicular combat titles. For more info feel free to check out the Steam app page.


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