The Day Online Preps For Early Access Launch This March
The Day Online Early Access

Reloaded Studios announced that their free-to-play MMO, The Day Online, will prep for launch this March. The hybrid MMO MOBA will head into Early Access where they’ll attempt to refine and improve the gameplay experience throughout the development process.

The third-person shooter is a little bit like Firefall but with the hectic gameplay typically found in MOBA titles.

The developers have been internally testing The Day Online for quite some time and have decided to finally bring testing to the public space via Early Access. They plan on keeping the game in Early Access for the next six months or possibly up to a year.

At the moment they have three distinct battle arenas, PvE and PvP modes, and 28 different champions to play. The three maps also feature different types of encounters, with the Resource Battle arena focusing on resource gathering and the team with the most resources win. The Downtown map is themed around controlling points of interest in order to outwit and out-figt your opponents. The Survival Deathmatch arena is exactly what it sounds like, offering gamers a last man standing experience.

You can see what The Day Online looks like with the trailer below.

In addition to the basic modes mentioned above, there’s also a one-vs-one mode so you can practice with each champion and learn the basic mechanics of the gameplay.

The 28 champions also break down into five categories of classes, including the Tanker, Warrior, Long Range Dealer, Anti-Tanker and Supporter.

The full version of the game will have additional content added to the basic gameplay modes and content, including a 25-vs-25 field battle mode.

The Day Online is said to be nearly finished, but they want to spend the remaining six months of development garnering feedback from the community so they know how to fix certain things, refine certain gameplay elements, and balance some weapons and character classes.

Reloaded Studios’ The Day Online will be free-to-play when it enters into Early Access and when it graduates Early Access. So the only thing you have to lose is time and bandwidth.

If you are interested in the game, you can wishlist it or follow it via the Steam store page.


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