Days Gone To Recruit More Developers At GDC 2018 After 2019 Delay

Days Gone Delayed

Bend Studio has confirmed that its upcoming PS4 zombie-survival game set in an open world will be delayed to 2019. However we also learn that the team will attempt to recruit more developers at GDC 2018.

If you don’t believe publication site USGamer that SIE and Bend Studio delayed Days Gone, news from Bend Studio itself has confirmed the new 2019 release date. This information comes directly from their official Twitter account when user Jose Co asked the dev team:

Anticipated fans looking forward to the now delayed game may be a bit down, but do know that SIE and Bend Studio are polishing the game up as we speak. Additionally, it is known that the team is working on updating the game due to another call for developers.

On March 10th the team took to Twitter to broadcast that a recruitment session will be held at this year’s GDC. Multiple positions are up for assessment; this is further detailed as seen in the tweet below and on

If you want insight on the current positions that need filling, the official website reflects that Senior Staff UI Programmer, Senior Staff Graphics Programmer, Senior Animation Programmer, Senior Staff Gameplay Programmer are currently open.

As of this writing, this year’s GDC event is set to go down eight days from now, which means that more details on the game will pop up. This should sate fans who happen to be miffed at the recent 2019 delay.

In addition to the above, and assuming past information still holds true, the AI algorithm in Days Gone, the Freak-O-System, will be detailed during a presentation at the Moscone Conference Center. Darren Chisum (Senior Staff Programmer, AI Lead) and Tobias Karlsson (Senior Staff Programmer) will take the stage at GDC 2018 to elaborate on the Freak-O-System.

Topics that the two will discuss cover AI spawns, AI interactions, AI behavior, and AIs moving around each other. The GDC 2018 conference will end on March 23rd.

Lastly, Days Gone will release sometime in 2019.

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