Death Kiss, Spiritual Successor To Death Wish Nabs Charles Bronson Lookalike
Death Kiss

Millman Production and Mosquito Entertainment have a new movie on the horizon called Death Kiss. The first and last thing that will be on your mind is the asperity of the lead actor’s looks and mannerisms, which seems almost identical to the late, great Charles Bronson.

The 49 second teaser trailer that was recently posted features the action-star lookalike posing stoically in precision-lit scenes that instantly make you think you’re viewing a a long lost film that got carted off to the back of a production lot during the 1980s and is just now surfacing after some producer lost stock of all his possessions during a divorce and some poor sap cleaning out an old locker stumbled upon the flick. But in reality, Death Kiss is a real film and a new film and the actor is actually not Charles Bronson.

The only thing that really gives it away is that his mustache is a little on the malnourished side, but otherwise he’s a dead-ringer for the lethal Lithuanian. But don’t let my textual twaddle prevent you from checking out the trailer below. It’s well worth a watch.

The trailer doesn’t look all that great as far as quality is concerned, but at least it features practical squibbing and decent looking gun props. The real highlight is obviously the Charles Bronson lookalike. But who is he?

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that director Rene Perez obviously wanted someone who looked like Charles Bronson in the leading role, so he managed to find Robert “Bronzi” Kovacs. And the “Bronzi” in his nickname obviously alludes to the late Charles Bronson.

While his real name is Robert Kovacs, you’ll only find him on IMDB under “Robert Bronzi”. He’s only been in two films: From Hell to the Wild West, which came out in 2017, and the upcoming Death Kiss.

While Bronson was never really known for being an Oscar-caliber actor, he was always able to pull off the role of a tough guy with aplomb. So while Kovacs may look like Bronson, the big question is… can he act like Bronson?

Well, there’s a video of Robert being interviewed by a certain Susan Scott where you can hear him talk, and it’s scary but he actually sounds like Charles Bronson, too.

The major difference is that this guy has a fairly thick accent, but I think that could work to his benefit because it helps create enough separation that people will at least recognize that he doesn’t have to perfectly imitate Bronson in order to be a decent replacement.

If you’ve been pining for a hard-boiled action fest starring a tough guy, you can look for Death Kiss to arrive soon.

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