Defiance 2050: How To Join The Closed Beta For PS4, Xbox One, PC
Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds announced that ahead of the summer release of Defiance 2050 they will be holding a series of beta tests for the game. The first closed beta test will get underway on April 20th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Gamers will be able to play-test the third-person MMO for just a couple of days; the closed beta test ends on April 22nd.

The news went live over on the official Trion Worlds website, where they explained how to join and what would be present in the beta. This comes just a couple of weeks after Defiance 2050 was announced.

If you’re intrigued in the game you can sign-up for the first closed beta test for Defiance 2050 on the beta sign-up page.

Simply click on the sign-up button and you’ll be taken to a short form menu where you can select the platform of your choice, including the PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Input your e-mail address, your password and your age. Click the sign-up button and you’re all set.

The closed beta will feature some of the brand new content added to Defiance 2050 that wasn’t available in the original release of the MMOTPS that came out back in 2013. Some of the new features include the completely overhauled class and progression system, along with the new weapon acquisition and weapon modding system, and the all new Assault class that you can customize and outfit with the perks and gear that best suits your playing abilities.

The original Defiance came out alongside a Syfy television show that didn’t last long and wasn’t very good. The developers at Trion attempted to tie some of the game content in with the show, but it was a sloppily and poorly done feat. Even still, the game’s solid mechanics and open-ended structure managed to capture the attention and support of both console and PC gamers, so Trion decided to try their hand at the Defiance franchise once more… only this time they’re doing so without being anchored down by being married to a poorly produced television show.


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