Defiance 2050 Being Revived By Trion For Summer Release On PC, PS4, Xbox One

Defiance 2050

Defiance originally came out back in 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The Gamebryo-powered MMOTPS was a tie-in game for Syfy’s show of the same name. The show was pretty awful, low-brow sci-fi fanfare for whatever remnant of an audience Syfy catered toward at the time. The game wasn’t that great and faded from the public’s view over time. Well, Trion Worlds announced that Defiance is making a return in the form of Defiance 2050 this summer for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The upcoming game is a sequel and reboot of Defiance. According to the press release it’s 20 years after the original Arkfall event, and is set in San Francisco, 2050.

I imagine there would be a lot of calcified problem glasses embedded in the ground and dirt-covered purple wigs from where the furry otherkins left their belongings during the purge of the Arkfall. If Trion Worlds did it right proper they would make it where players who attempt to get close to the problem glasses or remnants of shaved pink hair will cause their radar to go haywire and they’ll receive a warning that touching those ancient relics could give them an incurable case of cancer.

Nevertheless, Trion states that Defiance 2050 isn’t just a graphical upgrade over the original 2013 outing. They decided to improve the game’s performance and optimization both on the PC and console versions, as well as expand the action set pieces to scale to the Xbox One and PS4’s capabilities so that events can house more players in a single area than ever before.

According to producer Matt Pettit, they’ve been focused on improving the game based on player feedback and comments and suggestions from the original Defiance community.

He published a separate video stating how the game would be a “complete” free-to-play experience.

According to the producer, they’re adding a new class system, all new game mechanics, and an overhaul of the itemization system.

Trion hasn’t always had the best of reputations among gamers, but a lot of the comments on the YouTube videos are quite positive, with plenty of gamers genuinely excited for what Trion Worlds produces with Defiance 2050 this summer.

You can sign up for the upcoming beta tests ahead of the full launch by visiting the official Defiance 2050 website.

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