Doko Roko Update Details Progress Made On Stages, Enemies And Weapons

Doko Roko is an indie game made by one dev named Eric Mack. The 2D rogue-like game set in a dark world is shaping up well according to the lone dev’s latest update post, which details stages, enemies and weapons.

The act of making a simple game/demo is quite easy, the hardest part is making a noteworthy game that functions well and that will stand the test of time. What’s even harder is doing it all by yourself, yet here we have Eric Mack or Okobu making significant headway on Doko Roko.

The latest post on Kickstarter reflects progress made so far, covering new content such as a Tentacle weapon, Sky Graveyards, a Flame Mage, evade and strike mechanics, Bell Folk and some words on the state of Doko Roko.

The latter part, words on Doko Roko, elaborates on what has been done and what will be added:

“I’ve been hard at work on creating new content for the game and I’ve gotten a whole lot done within the past 3 months! I’ve added 2 new areas, 2 more bossfights, a bunch of new enemies, animations, swords and other ranged weapons to the game. The world is getting fleshed out now and I’m really excited to add more and continue building on the world.”

Mack continued and said:

“My plan moving forward is to create 1 more area which I’m working on now that will be the final area of the game. I’ve been creating these areas fairly quickly as of late so I should be able to finish this last one by the end of March. This is going to be a huge milestone and I’m really happy about it! After that though I need to do a bunch of polishing, content generation, cutscene animations, menus, sound effects and music.


I know that may sound like a lot, but I can assure you that the biggest chunk of work is almost behind me and I hope it’s evident that tangible progress is being made toward the goal of finishing. I’m also trying my hardest not to fall into the perfectionist trap of redoing art every time I feel that something could have been achieved better. I’ve seen enough people get stuck in endless loops like this that I want to avoid it at all costs. The goal is to continue moving upward.”

Doko Roko was submitted to Kickstarter on October 10th, 2015. On November 19th, 2015, around 1,987 backers pledged $42,469 to help bring this project to life, which if we fast-forward to now the game seems to be treading through development quite well.

You can find out more about the lone developer and his project Doko Roko, by hitting up the game’s Twitter page or by watching the official trailer below.

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