Dual Universe Promises Ground To Space And Same Server Adventures

After a successful Kickstarter drive that took place back in October, 2016 the publisher and developer, Novaquark, went on to polish up its game Dual Universe for the next two years. Now, after enough polish has gone into the game, they’ve released a new trailer showing off the PC MMORPG.

Novaquark plans to release a beta test of Dual Universe during the first half of 2018, and at the end of the year the team aims to ship the game for public consumption. If you don’t know what Dual Universe has to offer the official description sits below:

“Dual Universe is a continuous Single-Shard sandbox civilization building MMORPG taking place in a multi-planets Sci-Fi world with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the world by creating structures, space ships or orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations.”

The game offers ground-to-space travel, base building, player driven quests, and same server gameplay. The newly posted video trailer showing the aforesaid can be seen right here:

To clarify how Dual Universe will be setup at launch, you won’t have to pay upfront for the game and it will be free to download. Free trials will appear every so often, but a monthly subscription will be needed and will scale from $10 to $13 a month.

Updates, expansions and DLC will all be free throughout the lifespan of Dual Universe. Furthermore, there will be no pay-to-win mechanics in that items won’t give advantages against other players via cash shop or by spending real life money.

As for folks who like to host their own servers there’s bad news, Dual Universe will run on one server to fulfill the team’s vision. The ideal behind the mega server is to gather the whole community in one unique game universe, and not to fragment it among several servers.

Lastly, fauna and other alien life forms are said to be a mystery and play an integral part to player discovery. In other words, there may be other creatures out in space or it all could just be talk.

Dual Universe is set to launch a beta test in the first half of 2018, which will be followed by an official PC launch at year’s end.


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