EA Vancouver Rumored To Be Making A New Star Wars Game

EA Vancouver is rumored to be making a new Star Wars online open world game based on a job listing. However, neither EA nor any developers that have relations to EA have confirmed that an actual Star Wars online game is in the works just yet.

Notice: The following information has been taken from a job listing, but no confirmation or denial from EA or EA Vancouver have surfaced yet. In other words, take the following information with a grain of salt.

EA Vancouver has a new job listing up that calls for a Lead Online Engineer to “lead a team to deliver online features for a Star Wars open-world project.” If you want a breakdown of this early project, you can watch the all-things Star Wars related channel, Star Wars HQ, video below.

The job listings posted on the company’s internal jobs board calling for a Lead Online Engineer also relays the following requirements:

  • Architect and write code in C++ for game systems in the Online domain
  • Work with designers to understand requirements and plan out functional requirements
  • Collaborate with other Software Engineers and Team Leads in developing recommendations to improve quality control and team productivity
  • Design and develop new content creation tools, workflow tools and general productivity tools
  • Implement and debug segments of new and existing code for online technology
  • Work with Networking teams on client and server gameplay to ensure designs will maintain high-traffic services for multi-platform games
  • Iterate, design, and implement improvements to live systems and workflows
  • Identify bottlenecks and performance issues involving cpu time and bandwidth and optimize them.

One of the listing’s required “technical skills” and “experience” has some people up in arms due to it asking for one to have knowledge of “live services” and “live systems.” It’s worth noting that this project could change drastically at launch.

In addition to the above, this Star Wars online open world game could turn out to be like Destiny, The Division, Warframe or something else. Given that the game that Amy Hennig worked on got canned, it  could mean that this is a reworking of Hennig’s project in question and is seeing major changes, or it could be a whole new project entirely.

You can further investigate this job listing that EA Vancouver has up by visiting career4.successfactors.com.


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