Em-8ER Dev Update Covers Mech Design Progress, Pilot Animations

The latest developer diary for the planetary war game, Em-8ER, was recently released, giving gamers a look at what sort of progress is being made on the mech-vs-kaiju action title.

Mark Kern, the head over development, talks a little bit about the parts of the Omni mechs that you’ll be using. Many of the mechs aren’t finished yet, but some of the parts are getting prepped for rigging and animation once they go through the model clean-up phase.

What they have finished are the basic meshes and models for the human pilots, both male and female, along with their rigging. So this means that the hard part for the pilots is done and over with. From here they can map out their own animation sets and start morphing and adding pieces and parts for players to customize their pilots with.

As you can see in the video, the pilots don’t have any hair. However, Kern notes that they are using a new apex plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 that will allow them to add realistic looking hair to the pilots.

This should give them a distinct enough look when the time comes for the actual player-models to go through the final pass.

The rest of the video talks about the overhaul for the website and making things easier to navigate.

Now if you’ve been completely out of the loop on Em-8ER, hiding in the woods, or trapped under a rock because land whales with razor sharp social media accounts have been hounding you down like Antifa locked onto the Sargon of Akkad’s scent, then don’t worry. There’s a video you can check out below that will give you a brief look at what to expect from Em-8ER.

The game is about giant mechs being used to stomp a mudhole in aliens that have kaiju fighting for them.

There are different types of mechs for different purposes, including mining mechs, combat mechs, and light scouting mechs.

You can keep track of the development of Em-8ER by visiting the game’s official website. It’s still early in development so you’ll have to wait a while before you can see the game hatch out of the cocoon and fulfill the vision that Crixa Labs have for it.


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