At the End of the World, Can You Rely on Your Cat? ITTA Must

I have a cat. Two, in fact. And while their idea of an adventure might be the odd annual bath, ITTA? ITTA’s feline companion is slightly different.

In fact she hovers several inches off the ground, glows incessantly, and has no qualms joining her hooman in its quest for vengeance.

South Carolina based Jacob Williams’ first commercial venture enjoyed a snazzy teaser debut late last month. ITTA, as he describes it, is an upcoming melancholy of hope, horror, mythology and sheer bullet-hell.

I’ll admit that the synopsis rings of déjà vu; witnessing a slaughter, the girl’s thrust into a post-apocalyptic world of violence, grotesque beasts and cryptic symbols that don’t mean much.

Save for her mysterious cat and father’s revolver perhaps. And yet behind the pixelated minimalism, Invisible Monsters’ original score, and blinding barrage of gunfire lies –

  • A Branching Narrative told through NPC’s, interactions with and the personal stories of whom will vary with player –

  • Choice. Don’t like a boss? Skip them, but also risk missing out on valuable story content tied to the enemy’s defeat or worse, one of the game’s multiple endings.

  • Death. You’ll die a lot indeed, ‘haha’s’ Williams in the manner of one who’s played too much Nuclear Throne and Titan Souls, but with prudent mechanics in place to check player frustration.

  • A Total of 4 to 8 Hours of Gameplay, contingent on all the above, besides the classic roster of twin-stick combat, bold weaponry and challenges characteristic of a bullet-hell title.

Possibly some ITTA stickers too.

The game is due for a Windows release under the Armor Games Studios banner circa 2019, with Williams continuing to chip away at NPC mechanics, playable areas and a gorgeous overworld on a remarkably interactive Twitter handle.

There will be no Early Access/demo, although players may begin adding it to their wish lists. When asked if his cat was anything like ITTA’s, he clarified that he didn’t really have one.


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