Ex-TimeSplitters Rewind Artist Covers Development Progress So Far

TimeSplitters Rewind is currently in development and is attempting to bring various stages, characters, and elements from past TimeSplitters games under one roof. Cinder Interactive Arts is currently behind this community-made project, but one of the ex-TimeSplitters Rewind character artists recently talked about the development on the project and much more.

The TimeSplitters series of games mirrored that of GoldenEye 007 (N64) gameplay wise, and featured a wacky twist to the FPS genre by mixing different timelines and characters into one package. These satirical shenanigans stretched across three games, ending with Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

Weapons, worlds, and the overall themes that composed the TimeSplitters universe certainly found a place in gamers’ hearts, prompting enough people and drive to make TimeSplitters Rewind a thing after TimeSplitters 4 was cancelled.

As of now, you can hear some of the things that happened between the years 2012 to 2017 of the ‘History of Rewind’ according to an ex-character artist. The video interview that is posted on Aegis Mind YouTube channel covers a whole list of things about engine switching and more, and can be viewed below.

The purpose of the above video is to shed some light on past actions done by developers, artists, and others that worked on TimeSplitters Rewind. This is also further explained on the video’s description, which also attempts to remove any rumors or skewed information on the project claimed in the past.

The video also tries to stick to the facts of the journey and work put into TimeSplitters Rewind, and wanted to avoid casting Crytek or the CryEngine in a negative light.

Hopefully, TimeSplitters Rewind’s development can go forward without any major complications and come out in such a way that pleases the devs behind the game and fans, too.

While we wait for Cinder Interactive Arts to drop news on TimeSplitters Rewind’s progress via a new update, you can get additional info over on the project’s Facebook page or tsrewind.com.


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